Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubét shares a personal design perspective through his photography, blog, book and showcase portfolios.

An original Jeff Doubét home design under construction in Montecito, CA

Welcome to my new website!  My name is Jeff and I have been posting Spanish home design photos and drawings on older websites and social media since 2003. I am a self-employed Santa Barbara Home Designer.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of the special projects I get involved with, and my hope is this site will become a fun new resource for you.

Peruse + learn what’s on my mind as I design a particular drawing, or narrate the project photos I upload to the site.

Jeff Doubét Before and After

A favorite compliment I receive is the enthusiasm around the Before and After projects I post online.  These case studies have encouraged people to take a next step with their own project.

Creating Spanish Style Homes by Jeff Doubet.  Montecito California Fixer Upper home Before photo

The 2 story fixer home in Montecito (above) needed a re-design to transform it into a classic Spanish style home.

Creating Spanish Style Homes designer Jeff Doubet Spanish Colonial Revival design rendering completed June 16, 2015
A Jeff Doubét Design circa June 16, 2015

I have completed hundreds of hand drawn conceptual renderings for Spanish style homes and landscapes like the one above. I will post more of my favorites…

A newly built and remodeled home in Montecito, California in Spanish Colonial style architecture.  Photo Credit Jeff Doubet Home Design Credit Jeff Doubet
A completed Jeff Doubét home design AFTER PHOTO

The talented owners were very hands-on in transforming their remodel into a classic Spanish Colonial style home. It is so cool how their completed project now blends seamlessly into the historic area of Montecito known as the Golden Triangle.

How to learn from a Spanish home designer

I will be posting my NEW BEHIND THE SCENES photos I have captured at construction sites around town.

Artisan installing a classic clay floor in a Jeff Doubet Spanish style home in Montecito, California
Artisan installing Spanish floor in Montecito, CA

These independent artisans, trades and contractors are the Modern Masters of our generation.  It’s always a pleasure to showcase their talents in my book and on my websites.

new Designs and projects to share

upcoming new blog posts 2023

Fresh new photos, categories and design solutions relating to common desires my clients have while planning, designing and building their Spanish style dream homes.

Santa Barbara Spanish style construction
Santa Barbara Spanish style construction

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer or builder- this is where I will be sharing my latest time-tested professional design ideas.

Please consider helping build awareness to this new site by pinning your favorite images to Pinterest. I will appreciate it!

In the meantime, Good Luck with your project. Sincerely, Jeff Doubét


PHOTO CREDITS: Jeff Doubét | Design by Doubét, LLC | Santa Barbara Home Design