About Creating Spanish Style Homes

Creating Spanish Style Homes® Founder Jeff Doubét is a Santa Barbara Home Designer specializing in Spanish style home and landscape designs. He shares beauty and the artisanal craft that can be incorporated into custom local SB projects, and beyond.

Thick Plaster Spanish Style Grille Designed by Jeff Doubet


Spanish Home Designer Jeff Doubét provides a unique perspective in his design work and photography.

Creating Spanish Style Homes Founder and Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubét Award Winning Small Spanish Style Home in Santa Barbara California
Spanish Home Design by Jeff Doubét

Jeff Doubét: Founder of Creating spanish style homes

Portrait of Jeff Doubet Santa Barbara California Home Designer in a Vintage Pickup Truck
Vintage Jeff Doubét Photo Circa 1985

keeping it personal

Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet Consulting at Libbey Ranch in Ojai California
Jeff Doubét Consulting at Libbey Ranch in Ojai Ca

Through popular Pinterest pins and readers of my book, my client have expanded throughout California and into Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Florida. Nevertheless, with modern technology it is easy to work “remotely”.

What has stayed consistent:

awards + recognition
Jeff Doubét at Casa Corazon
Jeff Doubét at Casa Corazon

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