Gorgeous Spanish Style ADU Rises Out of Old Two-Story Garage

A brainstorming session for what to do with a clunky old two-story garage in Montecito, CA turns into a Spanish Style ADU anyone would be proud to live in. Please join me as we travel over a creek and through the oaks to this BEFORE and AFTER project.

a Wrought Iron Juliette Balcony with Awning is a Focal Point of This Story Spanish Style Accessory Dwelling Unit Adu in Montecito California
Montecito California fixer upper estate home with an adu accessory dwelling unit above a garage

Above: the BEFORE photo, and below… a tastefully remodeled two-story garage, transformed into a Spanish style ADU unit on the upper floor.

a Jeff Doubét Design for a Montecito Ca Estate Home with an Accessory Structure Above the Car Garage

The architectural detail and materials of the Juliette balcony vignette add depth, texture and intrigue.

Spanish Style ADU Design Ideas

I believe anything that looks good on your Spanish style home will typically look great on a Spanish ADU accessory dwelling unit. ADU’s in fact are just smaller homes. Whether you are designing a high end Spanish Shed or an ADU- success is just around the corner if you build with the best materials and classic design elements.

A Jeff Doubét original design for a Spanish Revival style ADU accessory dwelling unit in Montecito, CA
A Jeff Doubét original design for a 2-story Spanish Revival style ADU in Montecito, CA

ABOVE: the first design concept had subtle, two-story bump-out detail with windows, and a Spanish window grille.

BEFORE photo of Montecito 3 car garage

As you can see, the 3 car garage with existing upstairs apartment was well-built. It just needed the Santa Barbara Spanish styling the homeowner wanted to achieve.

a Jeff Doubét Original Design Drawing for a story Spanish Style Adu Above a Car Garage in Montecito Ca
a Jeff Doubét Original Design Drawing for a 2 story Spanish Style Adu Above a 3 Car Garage in Montecito Ca

I enjoy collaborating with creative homeowners and developers. Initial thoughts and designs often turn out better when talented people put their minds to it. The design rendering above was a revised concept. The couple updated the ideas for their floorplan, so the windows I had originally sketched were no longer needed.

A Juliette balcony with Spanish Colonial Revival detailing including iron railing, brackets, etc.

Building Spanish Style Accessory Structures in Santa Barbara and Montecito, CA

The word is out: California state laws on ADU’s continue to be refined. Accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) are now becoming a little easier to design, permit and build in our local area. My focus and expertise is Concept Design + Renderings, and I have a list of quality independent trades I enjoy working with who process these technical plans.

Montecito, CA fixer upper ADU above garage staircase BEFORE photo

My specialty is helping you visualize the possibilities at your property. Above: the BEFORE staircase that leads up to the existing 2nd floor ADU.

An original Jeff Doubét design for a Spanish style garden arch.  A charming entrance to a staircase leading to a second floor ADU in Montecito, CA
An original Jeff Doubét design for a Spanish style garden arch

Above: The talented homeowners and their general contractor did a great job of building the details within the original sketch.

An original Jeff Doubét Spanish archway design recently built in Montecito, California

When designing your own project, think about how you might charm up the experience of those who visit. Spanish arches like this can really be played up with clay tile roofs, etc.

A Jeff Doubét designed Spanish style home, garage and accessory dwelling unit renovated in Montecito, CA

Spanish Style ADU Construction Photos

Here are several more construction photos of the local Spanish style ADU renovation, as it neared completion.

A Spanish Revival style ADU under construction in Montecito, California
A front elevation of a 2-story Montecito CA Spanish style 3 car garage with ADU above.

Before the wood shutters and awning were installed. Things really started coming together.

A two-story Spanish Revival style ADU design under construction in Santa Barbara, California area of Montecito.
A Spanish ADU above a 3 car garage in Montecito, California
Inspiration for Spanish Style Accessory Structures
A Jeff Doubét design for an exterior Spanish style archway
A Jeff Doubét design for an exterior Spanish style archway
A Montecito, CA area barn design by Jeff Doubét compatible with Spanish style properties
A local Montecito area barn design, compatible with Spanish style properties
A Spanish Style Chicken Coop Design was the Prototype

This Spanish style chicken coop was the very first building completed on the property.

A Spanish style chicken coop designed and built in Montecito, California
A Spanish style chicken coop designed and built in Montecito, California
Raising chickens in a Spanish style chicken coop

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* Important Note: I post my favorite photos and stories for Pure Entertainment Value Only. Please consult with your licensed architect, general contractor and local building department for anything relating to your own design/build project. Full Disclaimer HERE

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