Creating Spanish Style Homes®

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A visually stimulating reference guide with organized categories to help you plan, design and build your own custom Spanish-style home and landscape project.

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All photography and handwritten blog posts on this website are created by local Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubét. I regularly am shooting new film at local Spanish-style home and landscape projects under construction. In other words, this page is also Under Construction. I invite you to visit often!

This current list of design resources is growing within each category. I invite you to explore them at your leisure. All are designed to help those planning, designing and building custom Spanish-style homes and landscapes. These photos were shot in exclusive, hard to access project sites in beautiful Santa Barbara and Montecito, CA.

Well friend, I hope you are learning how to infuse more Santa Barbara Style into your own Spanish home design project, and will come back soon! In the meantime, SCROLL to explore more helpful links and resources for designing and building your own Spanish-style home and landscape.

Creating Spanish Style Homes®