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Creating Spanish Style Homes LogoWelcome to Creating Spanish Style Homes, a place where you can perused a wide variety of visual design resources.  All are artfully handcrafted to provide you with inspiring ideas and tools to help guide you through your home and landscape design process. 


Your direct Design Guide for creating Spanish style homes and landscapes

Welcome to the Creating Spanish Style Homes website, blog and book organized to help you visualize, design and plan that special Spanish dream home you have been longing to create.


My name is Jeff Doubét, and I am your friendly host, guide and creator of these unique design tools.  As an author and professional home designer, I have been specializing in Spanish style homes and landscapes since 2003. 

Jeff Doubét Spanish home design photos and drawings

Jeff Doubet Spanish Colonial Revival design renderingThe Spanish home design collection by Jeff Doubét (photo gallery above) are examples of completed projects.  Each initially are just ideas and creative thoughts that must be put on to paper.

As the founder of Santa Barbara Home Design, I regularly express multiple groups of ideas within hand drawn conceptual design renderings nearly every working day at my studio.

These artistic drawings tell a story, which set the tone and vision for an upcoming project.  The drawings often spark amazing collaborations with a variety of highly talented teams of independent architects, structural engineers, general contractors and the artisan trades.

This sketch was the final rendering that awarded design approval for the Park Lane project to move forward.

Home owner and Spanish home designer collaborations

A patron client is essential when making a very special home and landscape.  The kind of place you love to live in and no doubt will pass on to future generations to enjoy.

With direct, first-hand knowledge and years of experience in the field, I like to share my unique perspective with clients and readers, alike. 

As you explore this site, my hope is you will feel encouraged for your own project.

If it is within your design budget, learn from the 240 pages within my book.  And consider checking back with this website, which will become a supplement to the book.

Insightful articles and creative blog posts.  And more design drawings and beautiful behind-the-scenes photos will be shared, as well as project site videos I post.

And please keep me posted if you would like to personally collaborate together.  A good percentage of my new clients are those who first had purchased my design consultation in a book.


Jeff Doubét

Home Designer | Photographer | Author