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Spanish Home Designer + Author announces new blog

The day for my new blog of photos, personal stories and pro insights relating to Spanish home design has finally arrived.  This is where you will find me writing new posts, sharing helpful tips, tricks, new design experiences and my latest creations.

Welcome!  My name is Jeff Doubét and I am an author and Spanish home designer based in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.  

The internet is a powerful way to communicate personal opinions and points of view on specialized topics.  This blog will highlight my experience and passion for designing Spanish homes and landscapes, and will also be an extension of the book I recently published on the subject.

Book proofs for Creating Spanish Style Homes

Introducing the Creating Spanish Style Homes Blog

Back in October of 2018, I announced the launch of my new book Creating Spanish Style Homes.  To date, it has been the largest project I have ever organized and produced since becoming a self-employed home designer back in in 2003.

The book was a massive investment of time (initially 3,000 hours).  I organized my top 200 home design renderings (created between 2003 – 2018), and paired them with supportive photos and story lines of client and team collaborations.

An additional 800 hours of editing time was spent refining it all, giving me confidence that I had done the very best job of creating the book I had always dreamt of making.  Paying a very hefty sum to self-publish the first edition was the final box we checked.  With great anticipation, my wife and I pulled the trigger- knowing full well there was no looking back. 

Immediately after the pallets of first editions arrived, the books began to sell.  It was a huge relief, as I had been working two creative careers simultaneously for as long as I could remember.  Designing custom Spanish style homes and landscapes for patron clients has always been my first priority, yet every night and weekend was invested in my dream of making a quality design book that Lori and I could sell to the world. 

After the Crash

Producing a high quality coffee table book for Spanish home design enthusiasts was a massive effort, and I can’t believe we pulled it off.  And not surprising, I crashed right after the book launch.

I was totally burned out, and ultimately ended up dropping out of writing for a year and a half. I needed a distinct break from the intense creative path I had been on for so long.  Lori and I decided to radically change things up.  There would be no studio or computer work for me on nights or weekends.

We bought “Bluegill”, a vintage style camper trailer we soon remodeled, and started camping and fishing at nearby Lake Cachuma on the weekends. 

I also bought “Frenchie”, a classic 1956 Ford F100 truck I continue to tinker on to this day.  A mid-life dream fulfilled, as I had restored one from the ground up when I was in my early 20s. 

Back in February of 1985, this was same truck I drove out to Santa Barbara.  A sporadic whim and decision I made to escape the cold winters of Minneapolis, and start a new life here in sunny California.

Yes I have digressed, but I wanted to mention Frenchie- as I am chomping at the bit for this Corona Virus to move on.  Once the coast is clear, I will be taking her back out to various job sites to shoot new videos and photos for the blog (and website).

This is a fun way to share my life, hobbies, passions, and all the things I have learned about Spanish home design since 2003.

A Spanish home design blog to enhance a Spanish home design book

Well, I am finally rested up and excited to get back to my love of writing and photography.

Creating Spanish Style Homes Book CoverMy plan for this blog is to make it an extension… “additional pages” to my 240 page Design Consultation in a Book Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After – Techniques – Designs- Insights

If you happen to be one of the many readers who have already purchased this design guide- Thank you!  My hope is to build this website and blog as a fun place catch up on my project updates with fresh new photos, as well as expanded topics I have already covered in the book.

Since the October 2018 release, many readers have become clients.  Their enthusiasm for the work I put into it has encouraged me to develop new categories of original content.

As a life-long learner, I seek to grow in my knowledge and experience as a Spanish home designer and consultant.  I will continue to develop relationships with other experts, independent trades, materials suppliers, manufacturers and hope to showcase their talents and products on this blog.

I look forward to new field trips, exploratory interviews and the future.  I encourage you to check in once in a while to see what I am up to.


Jeff Doubét  Founder of: Creating Spanish Style Homes and  Santa Barbara Home Design

Jeff Doubét
Jeff Doubét

Jeff is the author of Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights.
His design consult in a book is now available.

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