Spanish Shed Collection 1

Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubét shares Spanish Style Shed Collection 1 – A portfolio of favorite photos of a Spanish shed that was designed and built in Montecito, California

a Jeff Doubet Spanish Style Shed Design Built in Santa Barbara California
Jeff Doubét Founder of Santa Barbara Home Design Shares an Image from His Spanish Style Shed Collection a Project That Was Designed and Built in Montecito Ca in
Jeff Doubét Santa Barbara Home Design

I think everyone has their ups and downs, and life can be a challenge.  Sometimes life is smooth sailing and everything is going exactly the way I want it to.  But sometimes it goes sideways, and you just have to pull up your bootstraps and get through it.

a Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubet Design for a Custom Spanish Style Shed in Montecito Ca
Jeff Doubét Spanish Shed

Enough of my Debbie Downer Blues…  With this post, I hope to lighten up my mood (and maybe yours too). Here, I share some photos of a favorite project (where everything did go right).

Two Young Men Framing a Spanish Style Shed in the Summertime in Santa Barbara California
Framing a Spanish Shed

Building a Spanish Shed

a Side Profile of a Spanish Shed with a Cupola on Top Surrounding Landscaping is Sandstone Curbing Flagstone Pathway Drought Tolerant Plants and a Mediterranean Fountain
Side Profile of Spanish Shed with Cupola

Earlier in the year, I had proposed this Spanish style garden shed design to a local Montecito real estate investor and builder. He was in the process of planning upgrades for a fixer upper home he had purchased. It would ultimately become a “Flip”.

Workers Set Sandstone Curbing an Outline for the Flagstone Pathway That Will Lead to a Spanish Shed Which is Framed in the Background
Roughing in Path to the Shed

The main house and property were relatively modest in square footage. The shed was a way to better utilize the backyard, and add little bit of extra space. It also would charm up the landscaping.

Planning Your Layout

When designing and building your own Spanish style shed, carefully consider the placement of it. Strategically, you want to see and admire it from as many places as possible. Not only will you be able to enjoy it more, it will be a better investment.

a Young Worker Uses a Roller Tool to Flatten a Pathway Leading Up to a Newly Stick Framed Spanish Shed with Arched Doorway
Prepping Hardscape Walkway to Shed
a Reclaimed Wood Plank Round Top Spanish Entry Door is Installed Within a Newly Framed Shed the Door is Deeply Recessed and Has a Stone Step a Spanish Shed Project in Montecito Ca
Framing a Round Top Door for the Spanish Shed

A small Spanish shed can have the same high-end attributes of our Santa Barbara style and aesthetic. Here, the reclaimed wood plank round top door was recessed into the arched opening of the exterior plaster. We also upgraded the entry with a stone threshold and a hand chiseled Santa Barbara sandstone step.

a Trickling Spanish Mediterranean Style Water Fountain is Installed in the Foreground of a Spanish Shed in Montecito California
Spanish Mediterranean Fountain

Other high quality design elements can be purchased and installed near your Spanish shed. The trickle of water from this four water spout fountain really adds a layer of overall peacefulness to this backyard reno.

a Spanish Style Shed is Being Built in Montecito California Red Tile Clay Roofing Tiles Are Stacked on Adjacent Main Home Awaiting Install
Montecito Spanish Shed Construction

I climbed up on the roof of the main house to capture this shot of the yard. To save some costs, an “S tile” red clay roof was installed on both the main house and shed. There are tricks to making a roof like this look great. More on that in another episode.

a Spanish Shed Under Construction Just Before the Exterior Plaster is Applied to It the Shed Has Been Waterproofed and Has Chicken Wire on It Ready for Plaster
Spanish Shed Under Construction

Here, the independent trades had weatherproofed the exterior of the shed. I took this shot just before the exterior plaster crew showed up.

Gilding The Lily

This phrase has always made me smile. It’s funny- how could you make a flower any more beautiful than it was originally designed? And a way to describe how this Spanish cupola came about.

an Independent Artisan Applies the First Scratch Coat of Plaster on the Custom Designed Cupola for the Roof of a Spanish Style Garden Shed in Montecito California
Making a Spanish Cupola
the First Coat of Exterior Plaster is Being Applied to a Custom Designed Jeff Doubet Spanish Style Shed in Santa Barbara California
1st Coat Plaster on Spanish Shed

In these photos above and below: the first (scratch) coat of plaster is being applied to the exterior.

First Coat of Plaster is Being Applied Up and Around a Round Top Wood Plank Door of a Spanish Style Shed Being Built in Montecito California
Plastering a Spanish Shed in Montecito Ca
a Santa Barbara Home Design Spanish Style Shed is Nearing Completion the Newly Plastered Shed is Taped off for the Wood Window and Door Jamb Staining and Sealing
Finishing the Spanish Shed Project

Here, the local Santa Barbara Spanish style shed nears completion. The final coat of integral color plaster is taped off so the painters can finish the staining and sealing of the wood window and door jamb.

a Jeff Doubét Spanish Shed Design That Was Completed in Montecito California in Fully Landscaped Garden with Shed Sandstone Curbing and Mediterranean Fountain in the Foreground
Sandstone Curbing at Spanish Shed
More Favorite Photos
a Best of Jeff Doubét Photo of a Spanish Shed Design Completed Project in Montecito California a Fully Landscaped Garden is Planted in Front of the Shed and Includes a Spanish Fountain Stone Curbing and Stepping Stones
More Jeff Doubét Spanish Shed Photos

Here are more shots of the fully landscaped garden with shed. We went with a lot of Oklahoma flagstone hardscape, drought tolerant plantings and mulch.

a Premier Spanish Shed Design by Santa Barbara Home Designer Jeff Doubét is Newly Planted out with Drought Tolerant Landscaping in a Montecito California Garden
Spanish Shed with Drought Tolerant Landscape

I apologize for sharing so many photos of the shed. It was fun to share more of my photo album on the project, and reminisce. It did lift my spirits, and I hope it did for you too. Above: The red clay roof tiles of the main house reflect in the glass.

a Round Top Door Wood Window Custom Cupola Are Features of This Custom Built Spanish Style Shed in Montecito California
Another View of the Spanish Shed

Well friends, that is it for this episode. I hope you will check in once in awhile. I have other Spanish sheds I have designed and I will post photos of others as I get this new blog rolling.

Photo Credits: © Jeff Doubét  |  Design by Doubet, LLC  |  Santa Barbara Home Design





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