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An article written by Jeff Doubét.  Jeff is a Spanish style home designer and consultant based Santa Barbara, California USA

Where to find the best ideas for Spanish home designs

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With endless choices online, it is inevitable we will waste precious time searching for direct sources to inspiring photos and helpful design information.  We all dream of that single click, or special link that quickly takes us to the good stuff.  You know, that one place where there is a myriad of quality photos to peruse and be inspired by… or a site where authentic design tips are shared.

As a professional home designer, I can tell you it is nearly impossible to find such a goldmine.  It is one of the reasons I have decided to expand upon the concept of my book and build out a new website I would enjoy visiting and learning from.

But for this article, I will focus on sharing a couple of fast track suggestions I make to my own clients.

These leads may help you narrow your design options and might even become shortcuts in helping you define the look and feel you want for your home and landscape remodel.

Moving forward, they can also become excellent reference resources for upcoming meetings you may be planning with your own design team.

Follow professional Spanish home designers and architects on social media

For quality Spanish home design ideas, consider following the pros who are designing Spanish homes and landscapes on a daily basis.  These professionals may not work in your city or state, but you can have direct access to some of their best work.

Study professional profiles, their home design and project examples.  Have a look at the idea books they may be organizing.  These user-defined online design tools can be excellent, concentrated sources for great ideas.  Once you find pros with an aesthetic you appreciate- you will soon begin connecting the dots, learning and understanding what elements could make your own Spanish home design more successful.

As a jump start example, here is a direct link to my Jeff Doubét Santa Barbara Home Design Pro Page on Houzz.  Peruse the variety of custom Spanish home and landscape design projects I have uploaded to the site. 

Find concentrated collections of quality design ideas on social media via pro designers who curate idea books

Tap professional opinions for what constitutes great Spanish home design by looking at the idea books pro designers are curating on social media.

By observing what they find inspiring, you will have a new perspective as you search photos for your design project and idea boards. 

I curate idea books to focus on Spanish style home and landscape design.  I believe having well defined categories best serves my followers and clients, alike.  It helps that I personally enjoy doing the work to organize them.  If you do check out my boards, note the comments I add to each quality image I discover- (insights I share, and friendly shout outs to support fellow designers).  

As a helpful tip to the aforementioned on-line web links to other websites, I primarily follow professional home designers, architects, builders, photographers, interior designers and home stagers in the field of residential home and landscape design, and interior design.  I only curate independent project photos I personally find inspiring.  I “follow” these pros, as it helps provide support for their contributions.

Traditional methods for designing Spanish homes and landscapes have dramatically changed

 Social media has dramatically changed the way we are now designing our Spanish homes and landscapes.  These photo sharing sites and services are quickly replacing early meetings with the very professionals who are providing the inspiring photos and examples of their quality design work (online).  A photo is worth a thousand words, and a collection of them often becomes the preliminary direction for beginning discussions with your own home designer and architect.  In upcoming articles, I will share more about how I see a win/win for homeowners and professional designers- as the world continues to improve with these helpful online design tools.

Websites dedicated to Spanish Home Design

The Creating Spanish Style website is the main hub where I will continue to blog, write articles, and upload new project photos and videos to supplement my consulting business, book and design work. 

It is my hope that the unique design resources I introduce to you in the coming weeks and months will become increasingly more inspiring and helpful as you journey toward achieving your goal.


 Jeff Doubét

Jeff Doubét

Jeff Doubét

Jeff Doubét is the author of Creating Spanish Style Homes: Before & After - Techniques - Designs - Insights. The design consult in a book is available for purchase on Amazon.

*Please note: I am an Amazon Affiliate.  That means if you were to purchase my book through direct links on my website, I will receive a small commission (from Amazon) for introducing you to it.  There is never an added cost to you.  Thank you in advance for your support, I appreciate it very much!  Jeff